A Perfect Saturday

"I am proud but so frustrated
I am overcomplicated in life"

- Super8 & Tab

Its very easy to be a perfectionist. It's the number one weakness I described for myself when I was interviewing for jobs this past spring. The best example I can give you of me being a perfectionist happened this very Sunday. You see we had some friends over this weekend. My friend L'Heureux, whom I mentioned in my previous post, coordinated a surprise visit with Victoria this weekend. So naturally we decided to spend Saturday afternoon drinking and floating in the lake. Victoria's friend Jackie joined us as well. 

So getting back to me being a perfectionist.. (I also procrastinate, and veer off track sometimes) I had taken a bunch of photos of the afternoon. One hundred and sixteen to be exact, a successful photography "outing".  Sunday morning I woke up, made myself a coffee, unloaded my SD card on to my laptop, and began editing the RAW files from the previous afternoon. I began to toy with a couple different color edits and my enthusiasm began to quickly die out. The cause of this slow erosion of my confidence was a direct result of me being a perfectionist. I was trying to give my photos a look that they weren't meant to have. The photos then spent the rest of the day on my laptop, closed. The inspiration was gone. 

In days past I would have just given up, maybe I would have made a post about them in a few days, with a few of the better images making appearances on Instagram. I knew that this time I couldn't let that happen. I couldn't fail again, especially after that last post I had written only a few days earlier. Then the idea hit me.. why not just share the photos they way I made them originally? On Saturday I had used my cameras Fujifilm Acros simulation, Acros being an old black & white film. Im glad I made that decision and I think the results speak for themselves. 

So to sum it all up, it's very easy to be a perfectionist. It's easy to obsess over an idea and suffocate it until it dies. In the end you are left with nothing. Sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind and follow what your gut tells you. Sometimes, done is better than good, and memories shouldn't be left to "die" on a hard drive. These photos may not be perfect, but they are the best representation of my Perfect Saturday. Enjoy 


A Home With A View

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted home and a piece of land with a view. Not just any view but one that would allow me to see the sunset or sunrise on a daily basis. What is interesting is that this idea has been present in my thoughts from before I was a photographer. I have always enjoyed that calm feeling of watching the sun rise or set. It is a personal past time that has been enhanced by photography becoming one of my passions. The rising and setting of the sun is a favorite subject for many photographers for a number reasons. As the Sun's rays dance through the clouds they produce a spectacular show of light and color, a daily gift for photographers. You are also presented with other photographic opportunities opposite of the rising or setting sun during what is called the golden hour. That magic hour when the low hanging Sun drenches your surroundings in soft golden light. What is amazing about this magic hour is that more than a great photo opportunity. For me it is a spectacular show that nature performs on a daily basis. The Sun, among many other things is nature's clock and great to see the flurry of activity that takes place around its coming and going.

Enjoying The First Sunset

I find it rather fitting that the first sunset we were able to enjoy in our new home was a spectacular one. Victoria and I with the help of friends and family had spent the day putting up a fence in our backyard. throughout the day we had experienced a multitude of weather conditions from warm sunshine to cold driving rain. By the time the sun began its descent below the horizon we were well and truly knackered. We decided to call it a day and watch the sunset from our dock with Scarlett (our pup).

The moisture in the air left over from the passing rain showers throughout the day made this sunset simply stunning. The air itself was thick and humid. The clouds themselves were rolling through the sky. The scene was changing by the second. Nature was doing its dance.