Let's Take A Walk

We woke up around 7 am yesterday morning and the lake was covered with a thick, dense fog. The surrounding area is usually covered in fog most mornings so by now I have become accustomed to it. At first, I had brushed off the idea of going out to take a few pictures. I even went as far as to make myself a cup of coffee. After another quick look out of the windows, I decided to drag Victoria out of bed, grab my camera, and take a walk to the dam. The second we stepped out of the door I was glad we were outside. Not only was there a thick layer of fog everywhere, but there was also a nice coating of frost on every surface from the night before. As soon as we got to the lake the sun started to peek through the clouds and create some interesting light. After ten minutes we were getting a bit chilly out on the water and decided to head back home and make a second cup of coffee.

I suppose I can't complain about not progressing as a photographer while brushing aside the opportunity to go and make something new. One of the things my brother in law Chris and I, talked about over Thanksgiving dinner was the idea of breaking through the procrastination that comes along with photography. In order to have great photos, you have to put the effort into making great photos. It also helps to capitalize on opportunities when they arise. For example, the light in any given day is just right for an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. Why not use that time to go out and make something instead of checking social media, playing video games, or watching TV?

Portrait Work

Just a few photos from a little portrait session that I had with Victoria this weekend. I’ve been having the itch to make some new portraits over the last couple of weeks but with owning a new home, the weather being so nice I haven't really had the chance. So you could imagine when it was raining all day on Sunday I jumped at the opportunity to sit down for a few minutes and snap some quick photos of Tori. These are all taken on my X-Pro2 with an adapted Nikon 50mm lens. This lens renders really well and is surprisingly sharp for a 40-year-old piece of kit.  They were lit with a mix of ambient light and a single strobe through a softbox bounced off the blinds in the great room. It was my first time trying this lighting technique and I have to say is that I was pleasantly surprised. It's a technique that I would definitely recommend trying out and you could probably achieve similar results using a smaller light source like a Speedlight. Overall I'm very happy with the photos. Portraiture is the one area of photography that I think I could use a little bit of work in. It's rewarding to try something out and achieve a good result my first attempt.

I should mention that Victoria is not as sad as she always appears in some of my photos. There's actually a photo of her that was published on my Unsplash page that was used in all kinds of depression blogs a while back. There's a running joke between us that someone from her high school is going to stumble across these photos one day and think she's one sad person. I think that's a hilarious idea. In reality this can't be any further from the truth. She just happens to be really good at taking moody photos I suppose. Im grateful for the fact that she’s always willing to pose for me, I couldn’t ask for a better model.