The Door Is Always Open

7:23 - Its Saturday morning, I'm having my morning coffee, casually flipping through some photography blogs, and videos on YouTube. That's when I get the itch, that creative itch. It's this feeling of knowing that I have to have some sort of creative output today for it to be a good one. I look outside and I can just tell it's going to be a nice day, but I know that we're only going to get a couple hours of “good” light. Deep down I know that no one wants to see another photo of the lake and trees outside at high noon… I need to get more creative than that.


7:48 - I decide it's time to grab my camera and just hang out in the living room for a bit while I finish those last few sips of coffee. The light coming through the big windows in the great room is soft, I snap some photos of my laptop and coffee cup. They are satisfactory, but not groundbreaking. It’s the kind of stuff you would expect to see on a blog whose name is play on words of the name Pioneer Woman...


8:01 - By now I have conceded the fact that nothing is happening this morning. The Photo just isn't there, and if I try and force something, it will be to obvious. Perhaps it's time to make another cup of coffee and get on with my day. I’m sure that something come along. The day is just getting started right? As I walk over to the coffee machine something from the laundry room happens to catch my eye. The morning sun was filling the room with light and the glass on the door is completely illuminated. The door is slightly ajar and a sliver of that unobstructed light is bursting through the jam. I quickly run back into the great room and grab my camera. I began to make a series of exposures at all different types of settings. I have my photo for the day.


Now I know my laundry room door is not the most exciting thing in the world. But this just goes to show that when the light is just right, something that is dull and ordinary can be transformed into something interesting. As the Earth orbits the Sun, and the seasons pass, the light is always changing. The door is always open for new ideas.