"Manifesto - A published verbal declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of the issuer"

A quick search on Google reveals all there is to know about what a manifesto is, who writes them, and why they write them. One of the most famous documents in history, the Declaration of Independence is a manifesto. It is a declaration of principles that are listed out for all to see. For the purpose of this blog, its manifesto will be a guiding set of principles that will help me keep this project on track and serve as a reference for when things seem to go off the rails. In the past, things like consistency and not knowing what to write have bogged down my attempts to build a quality blog from the ground up. I'm making a real effort to change that.  

The Season Of Change

The best way to describe the past few months for Victoria and I is a "Season Of Change". Since the beginning of March we have left our apartment in Bayonne and purchased a home, on a lake in South Jersey. To some people that might be a drastic change, and you could certainly question why we would want to move away from New York City and all of those precious jobs. My answer to that would be: This is the first decision that Victoria and I have made where we hadn't questioned ourselves at all. To describe the move in one word..It has been rejuvenating.

The Name Change

So one of the first things you may ask me is... Hey Michael, don't you already have a blog? Why the new site? And why the new name? My answer will then be.. touchè. In all seriousness though I felt a change in name and focus for the blog was necessary, given what I want to achieve with it. There are reasons besides the obvious one of my domain name being hard to remember, pronounce, and type. I will get to those later in the post. "Pine Barren Man" allows me to separate myself from the blog and keep it open to multiple ideas and directions.

The Sites Purpose

To Educate, Learn, Create, and Preserve

To Educate, To Learn

I have an undying passion for learning. I'm not the best educator by any means, so I want this blog to be a platform for education and learning for everyone involved. Education is a two way street. In my eyes, the future of education and learning is the internet. I want this blog to be a platform for that.

To Create.

I want to make things. I want to document the process of making those things from start to finish. I want to inspire others to make things based on the stuff they see on here.

To Preserve

I don't want to be one of those tin foil hat wearing people who go on about how "the world is changing and it's terrible". Change is the only constant in this world, get over it. However it's important to preserve ideas, art, history and practices so that they might inspire future generations.

Why Pine Barren Man?

Well..Why Not? The name is a tongue in cheek reference to "The Pioneer Woman" I thought of it one day while eating lunch at work. The domain name being available was a big factor too. I live in the Pine Barrens now, and this part of the state definitely has a different feel to it when compared to the northern part of the state. I think this part of the state is interesting and sometimes overlooked despite it covering almost 25% of the state of New Jersey. I want to document what it's like to live here. I also think not being from here gives me a unique perspective. Secondly I want to document what it is like owning a home for the first time. Many of my peers are buying their first homes and I want to show them that anyone can do this stuff. You can do it even if you're a "lazy" guy from an urban neighborhood now living in a rural area.

In conclusion, I'm excited about documenting this journey we're on.  I hope it becomes a source of entertainment and information for all of you that read it.