Move In Day

The one day everyone dreads. Move In Day. It's a combination of stress, nerves, and excitement. The thing I was most anxious about was whether or not all of our stuff would fit in the rental truck (It did). So let's talk about that rental truck for a second... I had never driven one before so I was a little nervous about driving such a big vehicle with the visibility of a potato. Nothing calmed my fears more than taking a wrong turn out of the Home Depot in Jersey City and driving straight into the Holland tunnel. There's no better way to start your rental truck driving experience than taking a lovely drive through lower Manhattan on a Saturday morning.

After our quick lap in the tunnel we made it back to Bayonne where my friends Tony, Jim, and Matt along with my brother-in-law Chris were waiting to help us move. After a couple of elevator rides we had the truck loaded and the apartment cleaned in a little over two hours.

The next part of the day had me driving the truck for two hours on the turnpike down to South Jersey. Now remember earlier how I mentioned the truck had the visibility of a potato? Well this lovely Ford box truck also has the aerodynamic capabilities of a brick and the steering feel of an oil tanker. I lost count of the amount of times my butt clenched as an 18 wheeler drove past me on the turnpike. I made it down without incident, that's what's important right?

There was nothing better than pulling up to the new house where a few pizzas and some cold beer were waiting for us. The rest of the day passed by without any surprises. Later on in the afternoon we took a ride to Mark's house to pick up some furniture. It was quite enjoyable to take a spring afternoon drive through some of the backroads in South Jersey, a place I now call home.

Chris, Tony, Matt, and Jim from left to right.

Chris, Tony, Matt, and Jim from left to right.