Hot, With A Chance Of Storms

Hazy Afternoon

We just finished a wild week of seven straight days of rain here in the Northeast. These photographs were taken this past Tuesday when we had a small break in the rain. It was a particularly hot day, and a thick haze blanketed the area. I tried to capture that in the photos below. It was one of those afternoons where you just knew a thunderstorm was going to roll through, and sure enough it did.

What The Weather

Somehow all of my posts tend to mention the weather in one form or another. If it gets to be too much don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. My fascination with meteorology comes from the idea that you have to spend your time observing the current conditions and taking note of them. I can make a correlation between that in photography but I’ll save that for another day. I should mention that I used to watch the Weather Channel as a kid, tracking severe weather as it happened, I was borderline obsessed. I used to be afraid of storms as a child and I remember many a sleepless night as the flashes of light and cracks of thunder would keep me awake. These days I enjoy watching storms roll across the landscape from the west. It’s an interesting process that creates all kinds of atmosphere and drama, prime conditions for good photographs. We are fortunate to have a great big view of the sky from our dock, something I elaborate in greater detail here.

Early Spring Thursday

A few photos of the pups from this past Thursday afternoon. Everything was captured with the Fujifilm X-Pro2 + Fujifilm XF 27mm combo. 

Washington Lake Park

Yesterday we decided to brave the cold and Victoria's cold, to take the pups out for a little walk somewhere new. Tori knew of a dog run in the next town over in Washington Lake Park so we packed the dogs up in the car and set off. I brought my X-Pro2 & the Fujinon 23mm f1.4 lens to snap some photos while the dogs ran around. The park was virtually empty so the whole trip was nice and relaxing. I wasn't feeling particularly inspired but it was nice to use my camera in a different setting and capture something new.


Just a heads up for everyone... I've started selling prints of my work. They are available for purchase here.

Wharton State Forest Hike


Hmm... I think I sat down about three different times with the intention of writing some long, word filled post about the hike we took last Monday. As you can tell, that did not happen. I suppose this is the universe telling me that I I should let the photos do the talking.  I will leave you with a map and a link to learn more about the Wharton State Forest. 

I also want to encourage everyone to get out and visit your local state parks more often. Wharton recently suffered a forest fire that destroyed some 1000 acres and some of its hiking trails. It is a reminder that these places are constantly changing, and that we should enjoy them as much as possible.

Hiking the Wyanokie High Point Loop

The following was originally posted on my old blog. It now lives here on Pine Barren Man for everyone to enjoy. 

This past Sunday my girlfriend and I decided to hike up to the Wyanokie High Point in Northern New Jersey. We hiked for roughly 5.5 miles over some rough terrain. The long and sometimes difficult trip was definitely worth it when we reached the summit and I was able to snap some amazing pictures of the forest and reservoir below. The hike to and from the summit also provided some great photo opportunities as many of the trees were starting to show their fall colors. 

Information on hiking the Wyanokie loop can be found here: