While sitting at lunch today I posted a photo to Instagram titled Undulations. The title references the wave like appearance clouds take on when the Sun is setting. Immediately after making the post I could hear the beginnings of a trance mix I had downloaded a few years ago. It was conveniently named. .. The History of Trance. A full eight hours of little snippets of trance tunes. It covers the genre from it's early days into the modern era. Quite the journey. The clouds in my photo pair well the soft melodic sounds of that mix. What amazes me even more is the fact that its possible to get that lost in the moment while sitting in the break room at work...I digress.  

I've always been a firm believer in the idea that you can pair music with photographs, similar to the way one would pair a glass of wine to their meal. One of my favorite ways to relax involves sitting down with my laptop, putting on my headphones, and editing some photos. I'll often tailor whats playing to the type of photos I'm editing, letting the music influence the directions my pictures take.  

We've had some spectacular sunsets here in the past month, so I've rounded a few up for everyone to enjoy. While you're viewing these photos I suggest listening to something that pairs well, preferably something soft and melodic.