Labor Day Laborings

What a wonderful labor day we are having here in the lakes. You couldn't ask for more perfect weather. We started off the weekend with lots of wind and rain but since yesterday afternoon the weather has really improved.  Today is one of those days when it's so nice that you can't think of anything to do because you can do everything. Or maybe that just happens to me? I like to call these my idea generation days. They are an opportunity to turn my mind off and let it invent all kinds of schemes and scenarios. I can have a wild imagination at times so coming up with new ideas for things not hard for me. However I do struggle to remember everything on occasion. If only I had some sort of blog to keep track of my thoughts...ha ha ha. I've also been kind of slacking over the past few weeks in regards to my photography. Perhaps it's one of those end of season slumps. Or on the other hand, a creative discipline is like a muscle that requires constant exercise to help keep it fresh and ready for action. Right now my photography muscle is a little out of shape I'd like to think that writing all of this down is that exercise though. Writing a blog may not be the best way to improve my photography compared to actually going out and taking pictures, but it plays a small part. It's like the stretch or warm up to the real exercise. The best that I can do right now is to buckle down and just keep going. There’s only one way to from here.. and that is up.