Saturday Afternoon at Dead Jim's

I have a guest post! The following is a little story written by one of my best friends Eric L'Heureux. I hope everyone enjoys this one. Not only can he write, but he's not too shabby with a camera either. All text and images are his in this story. Cheers. - Michael

An excursion to South Jersey as told by Eric L'Heureux

This past Friday (July 14) I embarked on a short journey into the depths of my great, home state of New Jersey.

Several months ago my good friend, Michael Mroczek decided to move to Williamstown with his wonderful girlfriend, Victoria. It had been some time since I saw the two last, so naturally I had to be extravagant and make this visit a complete surprise to Michael. Victoria and I hashed out the details and all that was left for me to do was drive my ass down the Turnpike (in a thunderstorm nonetheless). I pushed on through traffic in minimal visibility, with a hangover plaguing me like the Dickens, and slightly reluctant to reach my destination because South Jersey gives me the heebie-jeebies.

Fast forward two hours, and I had arrived drenched in sweat from driving with the windows up and no air conditioning. Victoria gave me the grand tour, and Scarlett (the dog) stopped barking at me for the most part. Roughly forty five minutes passed as we caught up and Michael finally pulled up to the house, eager to show me his new home and all of his new gadgets while basically force feeding me a Miller High Life.

The lot of us went out to dinner with two of Victoria's girlfriends, Jackie and Jaselli. My hangover had finally subsided, so I was ready to dive into a few brews and catch up with one of my best friends. The night was relatively uneventful other than the mullet on the guitarist of the crappy cover band that matched the female vocalist's. After getting back to Michael's house, we did what we did best and played FIFA until we went to sleep.

Saturday morning was greeted with coffee, eggs, sausage, toast, and far more coffee. Victoria had to leave for a bit, so obviously Michael and I played more FIFA as we waited for the liquor store to open. After picking up a sixer of Alesmith Orange X (which turned out to be damn good beer), a twelve pack of Coors Banquet, and a couple bottles of wine for the ladies. Arriving back at the house, we immediately cracked open the first cold one of the day and prepped for lunch. I took on the persona of a middle aged Italian man as I inhaled prosciutto and mozzarella balls. Shortly after lunch, Victoria's friend Jackie came over and the four of us sat out by the lake drinking, swimming, and floating around in vibrantly colored inner tubes that were anchored to the dock.

All in all, it was a wonderfully relaxing day spent with my dear friends. I am ecstatic for Michael, Victoria, and Scarlett moving into such a beautiful home. My opinion on South Jersey has shifted to a more positive outlook (aside from all of the Trump supporters and Philly fans). I will be in contact with a realtor in the coming years to find me a house across the lake from them, allowing me to buy a small pirate ship (canoe) to storm their shore as often as possible.