Mike Check

Hello? Is this thing on?

I have not updated this site as frequently as I would have liked. Eric L'Heureux you were right about me starting a blog for the second time. (Inside joke) You're not alone there buddy, even Victoria asked me last night why I haven't posted anything in a while... I didn't have an answer. She mentioned that I had been taking a lot of photos recently but with nothing to show for it..and she's right. Even leaving my camera at work on the long holiday weekend didn't slow me down. I used my phone and was pleasantly surprised by the results I obtained. My response to her after a few seconds of thought was " the photos are there but there's no story, no context." ... a weak excuse. 

The idea that there's nothing to write about is kind of bullshit, there's always something going on. Every story might not be the most exciting thing in the world but thats okay. One of the things that i think troubles creatives (I hate saying that) is that we are constantly trying to one up what we did last. This can lead to a lot of indecisiveness, in this case a stagnant blog. Something I say all the time is "well I have a lot of great ideas but I just don't have the time to implement them." Bullshit I have the time, I just have to sit down and figure it out and plan out what it is I want to do. Here's a thought maybe the key to writing a successful blog is just writing itself. Sitting down and writing something everyday is better than not writing anything at all. A good blog covers the day to day of someone's life with all of the exciting and boring moments that go along with it. In short, the key is consistency. The practice of second-guessing yourself and putting your ideas on the shelf and saying "well I'll do it later" in some ways is the anthesis of a good blog.

I also have to keep reminding myself that this site doesn't have to be about just photography, or have any photos at all. The title is Pine Barren Man.. not Pine Barren Photographer.  The content should be about me and what it's like to live here, not about one aspect of my life. I'll admit, it's easy to use the photos as a crutch. People like them, and it's easier to take a good photo than it is to write a good story. This site, like my photography shouldn't be dictated by what followers like. As an artist, I have to do what I like first, and then the rest will sort it out from there. 

In conclusion I just have to do what I want to do.  This is my sandbox with my toys and I could make the rules. It is time to stop second guessing everything. If there's one craft that all artists have mastered, it is the art of making excuses. Now more than ever, it is easier to have your head turned and your confidence crushed, thanks to social media. There's always somebody out there more successful than you, so you just have to do your thing. This post reads like a rant but really it's just me talking to myself. My hope is that whoever reads this gets something from it.