Corvette Rebuild: Part 1

We are getting closer and closer to the day that my long lost love finally returns to me. My Corvette is finally coming back to life. It's been something close to two years since I have driven the car regularly. Two years of moving homes and changing jobs. Something that was once constant in my life has been missing for so long. Often times I find myself watching Corvette videos on YouTube and say something along the lines of “man I wish I had one of those cars…” Yes, on a regular basis I will have to remind myself that I do in fact own one of those cars. It's a very strange feeling indeed.

In reality, the car getting hit was the best thing that could have ever happened.  The nose which was never in the greatest shape will now be completely new. By new, I mean new to the car. We were able to find an original nose from another '75 up in Connecticut. It will be a vast improvement from the nose that we pieced together back when we first restored the car in 2012. Another thing to be excited about is the suspension on this car. Two years ago when we swapped engines, we noticed that suspension and steering were in rough shape. Now that the whole front of the car is exposed we can go in and completely rebuild the front suspension. The rebuild includes all new polyurethane bushings, coilovers, and a rack & pinion steering setup. The steering rack is something I'm most excited about. It's a nice update on the old recirculating ball system that was originally on the car.

I'm really excited about being this close to getting the car back on the road. Things have moved quickly over the last couple of weeks and I wanted to share some photos and update everyone on the status of the car. It is difficult being two hours away from the garage so I made the most of Thanksgiving day at my parents. I took a few minutes to sneak away from the table and snap a few photos of the car. Stay tuned for the next installment which will feature putting the nose back on the car and possibly even having the car in the spray booth.