The Growth Project. Part 1

This post was supposed to go out last night but we were hit with quite the wind storm this morning. I did not sleep at all last night and I was outside at around 5 am fishing one of our umbrellas out the lake. As I sat down at the kitchen counter a few minutes later to put the finishing touches on this post, the power flickered out of existence. It did not return until well after I had left for work.  Fortunately, the rain wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, and we are back up and running here in the Pines. Apparently, all of Williamstown was without power this morning. So anyway here it is, the very first installment of the Growth Project, a series about grass. Any tips / help is greatly appreciated, please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions below. 

We have a new project underway here at the Pine Barren World Headquarters. We’re growing grass, the legal kind that is! You know, the stuff that grows in your front yard. One of the side effects of living on the edge of the Pine Barrens is that we get to lay claim to that famous soil, that famously sandy soil, the soil that gives this very region its name. We’re starting out with the front yard for right now because it has a higher chance of success compared to the backyard which is essentially a sand pit at this point in time. The front yard also has a few areas of growth already, so our plan of attack is to help maintain and grow those areas while fighting off some of the weeds. Our front yard also has the advantage of not being trampled on by the dogs constantly. Looking to the future in regards to the backyard, We think that a good layer of topsoil, a sprinkler system, and some sod may be the answer to our troubles. That, however, is another story for another blog post.

We started this journey yesterday October 22nd, by spreading out a bag of Fall seed and fertilizer. I then spent the next twenty minutes watching YouTube videos on how to properly set up an impact sprinkler. Who knew that those things were so complex? We then gave that fresh seed a quick watering and followed up with a watering early this morning. A quick Google search led me to the information that the best time to water your grass is between 2 and 10 in the morning, in case you were wondering. Looking ahead to tomorrow, Tuesday, the weather forecast is calling for rain all day here in Williamstown. As I write this on Monday night, I can already hear the wind picking up. Fingers crossed that it gives our lawn a nice little boost.

My plan here is to keep a weekly journal on this project, as I think it is going to take us quite some time. I look forward to having a nice lawn in the near future, it’s something I appreciated as a kid. My dad was and still is obsessed with his lawn. Keep your eyes, and browsers pointed here for more updates in the near future. Also, keep a lookout for a photo roundup of this past weekend. My friends Tony & Jen paid us a visit and we had a great time enjoying their company.